While writing this post of the most beautiful places in the world that we’ve visited, I did a Google search to compare what we think is beautiful to what the Internet thinks.

Most articles of other beautiful placse stated “photos courtesy of Getty images” or photos courtesy of some other generic stock photography supplier. We actually spotted some of our photos in some of these lists – used without permission of course

So since people are using our stuff all anyway, we thought we’d write a list of beautiful places on earth that we’ve seen with our own. eyes, using our own images.

Most Beautiful Places In The World

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Table of Contents

These are the places in the world that literally took our breath away when we saw them for the first time.

I hope you enjoy the most beautiful places in the world…That we’ve been to.

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1. Cappadocia, Turkey

cappadoccia balloons

We had seen the photos of Cappadocia before taking our first hot air balloon ride in Central Turkey but a photo doesn’t do justice to the beauty of Cappadocia’s landscape.

cappadocia turkey hot air baloons over fairy chimneys

Seeing the hot air balloons soaring above the fairy chimneys and its lunar landscape felt like a dream. Cappadoccia is our number one pick out of all the beautiful places in the world that we visited.

ancient ruins in turkey cappadocia

Be sure to stay in a cave hotel when you do go to Cappadocia, it’s heavenly.

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2. Santorini, Greece

Santorini Greece sunset over blue domes
Oia, Santorini. Definitely a beautiful city in Europe.

Santorini truly lives up to its reputation as a beautiful destination.

It’s one of the most romantic places we’ve ever been. Staying in a luxury cave hotel in Oia was a dream come true.

santorini greece

As I sat in the infinity pool overlooking the caldera, I felt as if there was no other place the epitomizes paradise as much as Santorini, Greece.

3. Lake Louise, Canada

places to visit in canada | lake louise

Each time Dave and I visit Lake Louise in Banff National Park we are reminded of why we always tell people it is the most beautiful place in Canada.

With Victoria Glacier plunging into the turquoise waters of this glacier lake, Lake Louise is the perfect natural Canadian setting.

early spring on lake louise

The entire area of Banff is picture perfect and you’ll be mesmerized with each scene you encounter.

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4. Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places in the world

The sapphire blue waters of the Maldives are like nothing we’ve ever seen.

maldives most beautiful place in the world

Secluded private islands house luxury hotels with over the water bungalow. The sand is soft and white as snow creating the perfect island paradise escape.

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5. Antarctica

Antarctica one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit

Whenever people ask us what our favorite destination is, Dave always answers Antarctica. The reason? Because it is one of the most beautiful places to photograph on earth.

antarctica expedition lemaire channel

The different shades of blue ice and snow layer the landscape. Massive ice. formations the size of buildings drift through the deep blue water and the skies are crisp and clear. There is no place in the world quite like Antarctica.

6. Serengeti Plains, Tanzania

africa sunsets are the most beautiful  in the world

While Dave loves Antarctica, I (Deb) love Tanzania. And no place is as beautiful as the Serengeti.

The wildlife is outstanding, but the sunsets and landscape of great plains of Africa are second to none.

 tanzania africa elephant tree

Every beautiful picture that you see of those African sunsets really are that gorgeous!

7. Sapa, Vietnam

rice terraces of sapa vietnam

It has been well over a decade since we visited Sapa in Vietnam, but it’s striking scene will always be etched in our minds.

While hiking through the plunging rice terraces in high mountains on the border of China, I felt as if each turn was a picture in a National Geographic photo story.

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8. Li River, China

The Li river in China is a beautiful place to visit
The beauty of the Li River in China

The Li River in Yangshuo China is one of the most picturesque scenes we’ve ever witnessed.

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li river bamboo rafting featured image

Taking a bamboo raft down the Li River really allowed us to take in the beauty of the surrounding karst formations that make this enchanting part of China so famous

9. Amalfi Coast, Italy

positano italy | beach and city by drone

Before visiting Positano, I thought the Cinque Terre was the most beautiful place in Italy. But when I saw the plunging coastal cliffs of the Amalfi Coast as we drove to Positano, I was floored by its dramatic views.

The coastal views are spectacular and piece-de-resistance is getting to enjoy a glass of bubbly as we overlooked the colorful buildings overlooking the deep blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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10. Krabi, Thailand

long tail boat on beach in thailand

Krabi has become one of Thailand’s most popular destinations, but I’ll never forget seeing it for the first time in 2000. Located in the south of Thailand, Krabi is an island paradise with countless karst islands jutting out of the South China Sea.

climbing in krabi

Popular beautiful places in southern Thailand are Railay, Koh Lipe, Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi.

1. Bagan, Myanmar

The Temples of Bagan in Myanmar

Bagan was the first of the great and famous ancient ruins that we ever visited. This temple complex in Myanmar is filled with more than 2000 pagodas.

ancient ruins of the world bagan

Sitting atop a high pagoda overlooking the range of temples was one of the most breathtaking scenes we had ever witnessed. Our hearts are breaking for the people in Myanmar and travel is not advisable there right now. But we hope that they can come out of this crisis soon and we can show them how much the world loves them.

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